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9 filmed customer interviews in under two hours when Jobmatch organized the JM day

JobMatch Talent

Every year, Jobmatch Sweden invites customers, partners, and HR personnel to a day filled with lectures and workshops. Greatness was on-site to conduct video interviews with several of the participants, aiming to gather feedback on Jobmatch’s testing and recruitment tools. A total of nine interviews were conducted in under two hours, resulting in cost-effective customer cases for Jobmatch Sweden.

With customers in both the public and private sectors, Jobmatch annually hosts the Jobmatch Day event. It’s a meeting place where customers, partners, and HR personnel come together to discuss topics within leadership and recruitment.

It was also an opportunity to conduct video interviews with participants describing their experiences of collaborating with Jobmatch Talent. The goal was to carry out a cost-effective production of high quality.

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Greatness assisted with:

– Planning and creating a selected list of interview questions aimed at highlighting the customer’s product and brand. 

– Technical equipment in the form of cameras, tripods, lighting, and sound to ensure a high-quality recording.  

– Choosing a setting with an inviting atmosphere, where background movements and noise do not detract from the interviewee.  

– Editing and cutting where the video material was complemented with relevant graphics and also subtitled. 

– Ideas for distributing the filmed material – for web, social media, and campaigns.  

The project resulted in a total of nine video interviews. All recordings took place during the slightly over two hours that Greatness attended the event, contributing to high efficiency with time and cost-effective advantages. Particularly gratifying was the positive response that Jobmatch received from the customers and partners who participated in the interviews, offering them visibility and marketing in Jobmatch channels.

See the result from one of the videos here

About Jobmatch Sweden 

Jobmatch Sweden helps companies to recruit accurately and develop employees using the certified, work psychology test Jobmatch Talent. The testing system, which was the first to be certified according to EU standards in Sweden, specializes in work performance and has several applications in the workplace, primarily in recruitment.

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