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Local and national publicity when Ioffice opened a new office in Gothenburg


Expanding to Gothenburg was a significant milestone for the office hotel and coworking chain, Ioffice. Greatness PR was tasked with ensuring media exposure. The goal was to position Ioffice as a leading player in Gothenburg and as a paragon of modern office environments.

Founded in 2007, Ioffice operates and develops flexible office solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. As an established coworking actor in Stockholm, Ioffice’s entry into the historic Navigation School in Gothenburg represented an exciting step, with the opportunity to transform the building’s rich history and architectural splendor into a unique workplace for its clients.

Greatness chose to spotlight the Navigation School’s unique history as a compelling story to share with the media and the public. This story is not only exceptional in itself but also relates to themes such as sustainability, historical preservation, and modern work environments.

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Result: Local and national publicity

The result was that Göteborgs-Posten, SVT, and Fastighetsvärlden conducted interviews with Ioffice’s CEO, Homan Tehrani, on site. These media features allowed Ioffice to share the company’s history and vision with a wide audience.

Greatness’s work not only ensured that Ioffice received the desired attention for its Gothenburg establishment in the Navigation School but also associated them as a company that aims to unite modern work environments with historical and architectural value.

Image: Wikipedia and facsimile SVT, GP & Fastighetsvärlden.

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