14 mars 2019

iCore takes integration to the cloud

iCore Cloud Services

Up and away – iCore now launches iCore Cloud Services, integration in the cloud which lets companies save time and connect cloud-based systems directly to each other.

– The rise of cloud-based systems and services make the step to integration in the cloud logical. It’s the next big thing in the system integration market, says Håkan Holm, CTO at iCore Solutions.

iCore Cloud Services is suited for modern companies that don’t want to manage their own integrations on-premise. For example, they may have decided it isn’t feasible to own expensive server halls or having a big IT department.

– With cloud-based integration you get all the benefits from an on-premise solution, but with more freedom. You can also connect cloud services to each other – eliminating the step to go through your own servers. You can also access your data flows from anywhere in the world.

With the Cloud Services, the client can benefit directly from iCore’s integration technology in Microsoft Azure cloud. In most cases, the integration flows run even faster than if the customer had its own integration solution on-premise.

– iCore offers solutions tailored to the client’s needs – you can choose to run your integration partly in the cloud or entirely in the cloud.

E-commerce is an area that can benefit greatly from the new cloud solution, with many separate systems to integrate and a business constantly running online. For this purpose, iCore offers a standardized solution, designed specifically for e-commerce.

– We believe more customers want this carefree living, and already have clients interested. This is the future of integration, it won’t be long until more than half of the integration platforms are based in the cloud, says Håkan Holm.

Read more about iCore Cloud Services.

On March 14, iCore celebrates the launch of the new cloud service at an event in Gothenburg. Read more about it here (in Swedish).