Swedish HoN team aims for 185,000 $ prize sum in Bangkok

Swedish HoN team aims for 185,000 $ prize sum in Bangkok

HoN World Finals 2015 in Thailand next up for Inet-sponsored BMG HoN

This weekend BMG:s newly recruited Heroes of Newerth team travels to Bangkok, Thailand in order to compete in the HoN Tour World Finals. The team is a fairly new acquaintance to the HoN audience, and the largest prize pool ever in HoN history is now within their reach.

– We’ve gotten tremendous support since joining BMG. We’re going to Thailand to compete with the top teams in the world and we can hopefully show that we’re the best. All teams that have reached the finals are obviously very good but we are definitely capable of winning as long as we stick to our game plan. And the prize pool of 185,000 dollars is of course an extra motivator, says Kristian “Kracke” Sörquist.

Not long ago the team stood without sponsors and played in the lower divisions. But now BMG:s new HoN team is preparing for the upcoming World Final playoffs where they’re competing for 185,000 dollars.

– We practice and play with other teams up to five hours a day in order to sharpen our game and tactics. Our main competition in the playoffs are Sync. They’ve been a hard nut to crack all season and they are probably pretty aware of how we organize our game. I do however think we’ll surprise the Asian teams with our strategy.

The team had played together for two years before they started to make a name for themselves during last year’s HoN Tour World Finals. This year they’re among the top ten teams in the world and on the World Tour website they’re described as a ‘Cinderella story’.

– Last year we were amateurs and no one really knew who we were. But as the tournament went on we realized we could compete with the best and our reputation grew. BMG has long held a leading position on the HoN scene and having their support means we can practice more and improve our game even further.

The HoN team’s qualification to the World Finals is another success for BMG after the CS:GO Female team’s win in the Intel Challenge last weekend.

– Here on Inet we’re very happy this team has decided to join BMG. With the Female CS:GO team’s win in Poland and the HoN team qualifying for the World Tour playoffs, BMG are very successful right now. Inet’s goal is to support the best gamers around and BMG HoN definitely fits into that description. Hopefully we get to welcome home five world champions from Thailand, says Johan Wahlberg, Marketing Manager at Inet.


HoN Tour World Finals is played in Bangkok March 28-29 http://hontour.com/worldfinals/

BMG HoN: Kristian ”Kracke” Sörquist, Samuel ”Boxi” Svahn, Robert ”Fusen” Flick, Mattias ”RootOf_z” Sander, Simon ”baltazar” Granath

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