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Here are Sweden’s strongest brands in 2023

Sveriges starkaste varumärken 2023

Swish retains its top position as the strongest brand in Sweden, while Ica loses more places in Yougov’s ranking of Sweden’s strongest brands for 2023. This is the third consecutive year that Swish has won the gold medal.

Ica, which came in second place last year, dropped five places on the list. One reason for the drop could be that Ica received a lot of criticism last year for rising food prices. This is also reflected in the Media Academy’s trust barometer, where Swedes’ trust in ICA has plummeted for the second year in a row.

The company was also involved in an insider trading scandal in 2023, where 16 people, including ICA retailers, were convicted of crimes. This shows that brand work is never finished and that events leading to criticism can topple any brand.

Another brand that faced criticism in 2023 and has now disappeared from the list compared to a year ago is Marabou. The business interests of its parent company, Mondelez, in Russia led many Swedes and companies to boycott Marabou’s products, significantly tarnishing the brand.

Spotify was the brand that made the biggest climb on the list, moving from unlisted to eighth place. A possible reason for the improvement could be that the Netflix series about the company’s history, which premiered at the end of 2022, strengthened the company’s reputation and image among Swedes.

The entire list, Sweden’s strongest brands in 2023:

  1. Swish
  1. Ikea
  1. SVT Play
  1. Volvo
  1. Wasabröd
  1. Samsung
  1. Ica
  1. Spotify
  1. Google
  1. Systembolaget

Source: Yougov ”Global best brand rankings”

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