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Novacura establishes in the Benelux – turns its sights on Central Europe

The challenge: Two new countries in two months

Gothenburg company Novacura is continuing its journey of giving the world better business systems. Next on the list is the Netherlands, when Novacura Benelux launches on 21 May.

“We have very high expectations of the first three years,” says Frank Schrijnemakers, Managing Director of Novacura Benelux.

Process company Novacura has experienced a fantastic journey in recent years. After opening four offices in Sweden, a successful subsidiary in Poland and one soon to open in Norway, Novacura is now opening another subsidiary, this time in the Netherlands. On 21 May, the doors to Novacura Benelux will be opened at an exclusive event at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

“The response from the market has been extremely positive so far this year. Both customers and prospects can see the major benefits of using Novacura Flow. We have a great many irons in the fire at the moment and we think we will see great results even before the year is over,” says Frank Schrijnemakers, Managing Director of Novacura Benelux.

Flow is Novacura’s most successful product. It simplifies a company’s business system processes and adapts them to the business at large to make them more effective.

“Finding partners and system integrators is high on the agenda at the moment. We have already held a number of meetings. Health services are a focus area for us. We have begun a dialogue with Health2Business, an organisation that links up IT solutions with large hospitals in the region. We have also scheduled a meeting with Philips Healthcare,” says Schrijnemakers.Novacura Benelux’s existing customers at start-up include Heerema Fabrication Group, a major manufacturer of offshore installations, and Greefa, the market leader in fruit and vegetable grading. Next awaits a significant effort to find new customers by making contact with IFS and ERP users in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Novacura Benelux important part of expansion

The opening of the subsidiary in the Netherlands is an important part of Novacura’s expansion in Europe. Novacura had huge success with their subsidiaries in both Poland and Sweden. The Polish subsidiary both works on the Polish market and also functions as a resource pool for offering cost-effective resources.

“There are three reasons why Novacura Benelux is a natural step for us. We have a good existing customer base and a good stock of prospects in the Netherlands, but we have also found talented employees there who will be a success on the market. The third reason is that the Benelux region is a natural bridge over to Central Europe. We are always looking forward and examining the possibilities of establishing in new markets,” says Johan Melander, Managing Director of Novacura.


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